Best Management Practices (BMPs)

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Best Management Practices (BMPs)
Written By: Whirlwind Clean & Green Team ~ 5/31/2018

Best Management Practices (BMPs) to prolong lifespan of Stormwater treatment facilities.


-Routine Maintenance Inspections
-Source Control Pollution Prevention
-Spill Response Plan and Contractor
-Parking Lot Sweeping
-Catch Basin Cleaning
-Catch Basin Filter Inserts

Prolong the lifespan of Stormwater treatment facilities; swales, ponds, and filter vaults, by parking lot sweeping, catch basin cleaning and using filter inserts to keep oil, sediment, and other pollutants out of Stormwater treatment facilities.

StormWaterTreatmentBlog05312018C_s.pngRoutine maintenance inspections and site specific source control pollution prevention plans will keep your site and systems working as designed and in compliance with Stormwater rules and regulations. Avoid correction letters and fines by creating maintenance plans and servicing your facilities on a routine basis. The local regulation team may only give you 30 days to correct any documented corrections which can be tough to budget or complete based on when the notice was received.

StormWaterTreatmentBlog05312018_s.pngPrepare a spill response plan, secure a spill response vendor, stage clean up materials and drain covers to avoid costly environmental clean ups by stopping the contaminants from entering the adjacent drains or treatment facilities.

Whirlwind is committed to keeping our local waterways clean and healthy. Maintaining Stormwater treatment facilities and providing clients with BMP services helps achieve local water quality standards and Stormwater permittee compliance.

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