What is a Roll off Truck?

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What is a Roll off Truck?
Written By: Whirlwind Clean & Green Team ~ 3/12/2020

A Roll off truck mechanically lifts and hauls large containers used for a variety of material hauling and other needs. There are two common types of Hoist systems, roll off cable hoist and hook-lift systems. These trucks range in size and abilities. Each style has their own advantages although roll-off cable hoist are the most commonly used and versatile hoist to meet most job site demands.WhirlwindContainer2_s.jpg  WhirlwindHookTruckC2020_s.jpg  WhirlwindHookTruckB2020_s.jpg

These trucks typically lift containers ranging in size meant for waste such as landscaping debris, illegal dumped debris, rocks, bark, dirt/manure, construction debris, tenant improvement projects as well as property trash outs when that unexpected vacancy occurs! There are also other specific containers used such as flat decks used for machinery hauling.

Another popular container we haul is our watertight containers when needing to transport liquids. These containers come with or without covers in a range of designs!The containers this truck uses hide and secures materials/ debris at any job site and makes it easy to remove once the debris is collected/ emptied into the container which would then be tarped for safe traveling measures. Rather than making multiple trips with a smaller vehicle, load it all and save on the trips needed to complete your project on time. 

Here at Whirlwind Clean and Green, we support our Retail, Industrial and Private Sector Clients with recycling hauling and storage needs daily. Let us know when and where and we’ll be there!

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