Love your neighbor and love your planet!

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Love your neighbor and love your planet!
Written By: Whirlwind Clean & Green Team ~ 6/18/2020

BLOGPOST_Charities060182020.jpgWhirlwind gives to many different causes and our team is always looking for ways to uplift the communities we live and work in each day. Over the years we have supported Camp Korey which supports health compromised children getting a camping experience and meet others with similar ailments and has 24/7 medical staff on site. We support Northwest Harvest and Northwest School for the deaf and hard of hearing who help so many people in our area with the services and skills they need to survive. Our company supports USA Wrestling and the State Wrestling Championships each year. Whirlwind also supports the local Jewish Communities with their community support and sponsorship programs which help so many people of many different communities. Whirlwind supports our local Property Management Associations with their Earth Day fund raisers and community outreach each year. Whirlwind also supports Carnation Farms who offer many community driven events and helps farmers start crops who could not make it without their support. We have supported the Children’s Hospital and Miracle Network for years through our support of their fundraisers with Costco. Recently we started supporting our local school districts with Weekend Power Packs which are handed out to kids discreetly for weekend and after school meals they need.

CampCoryLogo.jpg CarnationFarmLogo.gif JewishFamilyServicesLogo250.jpg NWSchoolDeafLogo250.png NWHarvestLogo.png StroumJewishComm250.jpg USAWrestlingLogo250.png

Our team cares and we love our environment which we protect everyday with our work on properties throughout Washington. We keep rivers lakes and streams clean and support local business with facility maintenance needs keeping their neighborhoods clean and manicured.

Thank you to all of you out there doing your part to make this world, our state and our local communities a better place each day! Whirlwind supports a diverse and equal team, together we can make a change, support stewardship and love for all people regardless of race, religion, national origin, or gender identity. Love your neighbor and love your planet!

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