Keep Your Site Clean Day to Day with Porter Services!

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Keep Your Site Clean Day to Day with Porter Services!
Written By: Whirlwind Clean & Green Team ~ 5/17/2018

MedicalDayPorter05172018_s.jpgAt retail, medical, and community management sites there are service needs to be addressed and items always happening which need to be reported or cleaned up immediately. Porter service fills the gaps between Janitorial and Sweeping, which normally occur during the night. Without proper cleaning and repair of your site trash, debris, dirt, and cobwebs can gather leaving your patrons or tenants with a poor impression. Day porters can quickly and efficiently handle day-to-day duties such as cleaning restrooms, removing gum, watering flowers, addressing food or drink spills, as well as help us to notify you of any issues, e.g. graffiti or large grease/oil spills, that need special attention. Especially at larger properties, having someone regularly on-site is vital when there are emergencies that require immediate action.

RetailDayPorter05172018_s.jpgThe day porter performs the necessary daily custodial tasks and handles any emergent issues keeping your curb appeal at its best. Sending reports and photos of emergent or liability issues limits exposure while saving your management team the time and money of additional site walks and visits as the needed duties are accomplished. The day porting service is a valuable building block in a commercial maintenance schedule, whether it bolsters sweeping services, maintains a clean property between sweeps, or acts as a part of a comprehensive service package alongside sweeping, landscaping, and special services.

Whirlwind can help you build a custom maintenance program that fits your sites specific needs, supports your janitorial or building maintenance teams, and meet your budget. We have over thirty years of experience in these fields and we look forward to helping you with your maintenance goals!

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