Vacuum your parking lot with a sweeper truck, because you wouldn`t use a blower for your homes carpet....

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Vacuum your parking lot with a sweeper truck, because you wouldn`t use a blower for your homes carpet....
Written By: Whirlwind Clean & Green Team ~ 7/18/2019

BLOG_LivingRoomLeafBlower.jpgAs a full-service exterior maintenance provider, we often hear from prospect customers that they don’t sweep their parking lots because their landscape company blows their parking areas regularly or it doesn’t need it.  This approach wouldn’t work for you carpet at home so why would you think it is the correct approach for your parking lot?  If you tried to blow the carpet in your apartment, condo or house with a leaf blower and threw away your vacuum cleaner you would be disappointed quickly by the amount of debris that is redistributed onto the countertops, shelves and other surfaces in your home as well as the buildup from not vacuuming which would stay on your floors to be tracked around.

IndustrialLandscaping05032018_s.jpgUsing a blower in a parking lot instead of sweeping or using a sweeper truck that is not designed to trap the dust it creates (regenerative air sweeper) the residual debris in your parking lot, corners, around the dumpster enclosures and wheel stops is adding up each week.  Sweeping is also the best BMP (best management practice) for stormwater by removing pollutants and debris which causes pollution and turbidity before it reaches and pollutes our rivers, lakes and streams.

LightIndustrialSweeping05032018_s.jpgOur teams are trained to blow all pedestrian areas, around obstacles on site and leave your sites clean when our vacuum trucks are finished servicing your property.  If your current program doesn’t allow for sweeping or if your vendor doesn’t have a gutter broom or an employee who blows the needed areas each service, please give Whirlwind a chance to show you what sets us apart from our competition.  (425)697-4373

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