Did you know that May 27th is World Otter Day?

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Did you know that May 27th is World Otter Day?
Written By: Whirlwind Clean & Green Team ~ 5/21/2020

This year, World Otter Day is changed to Otter Takeover! Plan to post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram about Otters on May 27th! #WorldOtterDay. In honor of World Otter Day, we are posting about Otters! Plus – watch the video of our very own family of otters who live in the stream right outside our office!

Here are some fun facts about otters!
Otters are single moms! The mom's raise the otters, as soon as the litter is born, the father is chased away.
Otters are social animals. Otters love to play around, wrestle and chase their tails!
Otters do spend a lot of time on land. Mostly on the river banks.
Otters are expert hunters. River otters live off fish.
Otters have the densest fur of the animal kingdom. This helps them to stay dry.
Otters live all over the world. As long as the water is unpolluted!

World Otter Day 2020 link: https://www.otter.org/Public/Events_OurCurrentEvent.aspx 

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