Do you see what I see? Elk on site while Whirlwind Clean & Green Landscape

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Do you see what I see? Elk on site while Whirlwind Clean & Green Landscape
Written By: Whirlwind Clean & Green Team ~ 11/21/2019

Our team was doing some field mowing for a client and saw an amazing spectacle- a herd of Elk…very impressive. 

Do you own a Commercial Property, are a Property Manager or Facility Manager, then you can separate yourself from the herd!

We get it and are HERE to help! This time of the year is a particularly crucial period for your properties maintenance needs. We can take of items like proper functioning of your roof/storm drain, lids covered by leaves as well as Winter service needs that we all need to be prepared for in order to keep employees and patrons safe at all times!

We have our own team of employees that do all the work and arrive in our branded trucks.

We are available to answer your call/questions when you need an answer at that cirtical moment.

Are you dealing with multiple vendors? We can be your 1 vendor to accomplish all of your landscaping needs. We take pride in making your property site look at it's best.

Our Landscaping contracts cover all items like irrigation, tree pruning and other facets of your landscaping needs.

Do you need Winter Services? These are provided to current customers of Whirlwind and you won't be the 99th one on the list when the time arrives.

At Whirlwind Clean and Green, we self-perform all services that we offer and operate 24/7 including Holidays. Call us today to set up a no obligation site walk to see how we can help you meet your BMP’s as well as save you time and money.

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