How to Pick the Correct Facilities Maintenance Company

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How to Pick the Correct Facilities Maintenance Company
Written By: Whirlwind Clean & Green Team ~ 6/6/2019

IndustrialLandscaping05032018_s.jpgAppropriate management of industrial, commercial and retail buildings is vital to making a positive first impression to your customers and potential customers. It is also critical to provide a safe work environment for your employees. From pressure-washing and water proofing to preventative maintenance and crisis restoration, a full-service commercial parking lot sweeping company is able to assist you to establish a professional look, operational facilities, and secure environment; all while accomplishing the job in high traffic areas throughout down times, to diminish affect operational efficiency and customer traffic.

Let’s take a look at some of the different services Facilities Maintenance companies supply for the exterior of a commercial facility:

Sweeping Services - Maintaining a clean parking area impresses your clients, tenants and town. By paying attention to detail, parking lot sweeping services benefit not only individuals, but also the surroundings as well. Trash, petroleum, oil, gas, dust, dirt and foliage won’t be as inclined to accumulate if a facility employs a routine sweeping service. Not merely may sweeping a parking lot maintain the substances from being monitored in your building, it also can help keep out these threats of our water systems.

Day Porter Services - Day porters address cleaning problems as they appear. A few of the typical services that a porter will provide are:

Litter elimination from Daily Traffic
Cleaning & Disinfection
Restroom Maintenance
Clean-up of Spills
Junk Receptacle Wipe-down
Graffiti and Cobweb Abatement
Window Washing

Bulk Debris Removal - A commercial parking lot may often end up as a dumping ground for bulk trash items. When it’s a sofa from the nearby area or construction stuff from a current tenant build out, bulk debris elimination is a significant service that commercial facility maintenance companies offer.

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