Whirlwinds Snowmageddon 2019

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Whirlwinds Snowmageddon 2019
Written By: Whirlwind Clean & Green Team ~ 2/28/2019

Snowmageddon 2019 was so instense as snow actively fell in many of our areas for over four days straight, which is unheard of here in the Puget Sound. Our crews worked 12 days straight, around the clock, and made it to areas which the city, state and federal governments could not keep clear for access.

There were downed power lines and blocked roadways as well as tree limbs and other obstacles many of us have only seen once or twice in our lifetimes. There were many cities which closed completely or closed down roads and rerouted traffic due to state of emergency level devastation.

We towed semi-trucks out with our plows to allow for traffic to access sites. We kept area hospitals and medical clinics clear so they could be open to the public. We helped stranded motorists and traveled around downed power lines to keep our customers sites open. Many of our crews were dealing with power outages at home, yet they still cleared icicles, shoveled sidewalks and unclogged clogged drains all over the Puget Sound. We ran loaders and bobcats to move and stack snow and keep parking lots available to patrons.

IciclesWhirlwind02262019_s.jpg ShovelingSnowWhirlwindTeam02262019_s.jpg

SnowDozerWhrilwind02262019_s.jpg SnowPlow2WhirlwindTruck02262019_s.jpg SnowPlowWhirlwindTruck02262019_s.jpg

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