Save Water and Money By Changing Up Your Landscape!

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Save Water and Money By Changing Up Your Landscape!
Written By: Whirlwind Clean & Green Team ~ 7/12/2018

Property owners have seen the cost of water and labor rise drastically and with conservation on everyone's' mind- There are many ways to save water & money when it comes to your landscaping.

VenetianPaverBlogPost07122018_s2.jpgLandscaping consists of 2 parts; softscape, all the plants or living parts, and hardscape, all the non-living aspects of the landscape. There should be a balance between these, but the more hardscape there is the less water you use. There are many ways to reduce the water your softscape uses as well.

NativeWoodlandGardenBlogPost07122018_s.jpgOne way to reduce water in your softscape is to use native plants, as they are already adapted to the environment and should do well with little to no assistance from you once they are established. There are lots of native plants that are endangered, or in danger of becoming endangered, as lots of species we bring in may look great, but they are very invasive. Help bring back some of the local plants that commonly get taken over by other species by planting native plants, which are also very beneficial for native pollinators such as honeybees and butterflies. Other birds and wildlife will also find their way to your landscape.

RainGardenBlogPost07122018_s.jpgSimilarly, a rain garden, which is a shallow depression that is planted with deep-rooted native plants and grasses, is also an option. These types of gardens are positioned near a runoff source such as a downspout in order to capture rainwater and stop the water from reaching the sewer systems. Rain gardens also increase your contribution to preserving clean rainwater, creating habitat, and preventing local flooding and water pollution.

PerviousParkLotDetailBlogPost07122018_s2.jpgHardscapes can be many different materials and textures to add variety to your landscape. It can be concrete, rocks, gravels, pavers, mulch, even artificial turf, or any combination of them. They can add both looks and function to your landscape. The artificial turf for example could be a pet station, there's more information on this in our pet walkers blog. Concrete, pavers, and rocks can all be used as a pathway or a border to your landscape. You can also use permeable products when installing your asphalt, concrete, or pavers to create a hardscape which will drain without conveyance lines or structures on your site.

RainBarrelsBlogPost07122018_s.jpgRain barrels are also a great addition to you landscape. Rain barrels collect the runoff from your building to be used for future watering of your landscape. Collecting this water is free, helps fight flooding, storm surges, and prevents stormwater from becoming contaminated which then runs into our local rivers and streams. Rain barrels come in many different shapes and designs to further enhance the hardscape of your landscape.

Whirlwind Clean & Green can help you create, modify or maintain a beautiful landscape, save native pollinators, native animals, local waterways, water, and money. Call 800-800-2935 or email us at today to set up an appointment for a free estimate.

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