Pet Walkers

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Pet Walkers
Written By: Whirlwind Clean & Green Team ~ 6/14/2018

AnimalWalkersBlogPost06142018A_s.jpgDo pet walkers frequent your site or community? If so, putting in a doggie station may be your solution. Artificial grass is amazing in so many ways, one of which is specialty- in this case, we’re looking at synthetic turf especially designed for dog use.

The right kind of synthetic turf cleans better than natural turf when soiled. Your lawn won't suffer from thinning or yellowing due to consistent use, there won’t be any dead spots from the high nitrogen dog urine that can kill grass AnimalWalkersBlogPost06142018B_s.jpgpermanently by burning its roots, and you can use products that eliminate odors without killing your lawn in the process because it is synthetic. Another common issue of dogs is bugs, but fleas, ticks, and ants don't like synthetic grass, this makes your life easier as protecting your lawn, pets, and children from bugs can be a lot of work.

Artificial grass made for dog use is also devoid of infill because it retains moisture and the ideal turf is one that airs well. Most pet-friendly turf also incorporates antimicrobial agents into its formula to prevent the growth of toxins and neutralize odors. Our doggie stations also include doggie bags and a trash cans.


No matter the use all artificial turf is zero maintenance, zero watering and looks amazing year round!

Whirlwind can help you determine the best product and installation method for your site. Call or email us today to get an appointment set up for a free estimate. Pictures are from a recent project in Seattle where a retail mixed use building made this part of the draw for their patrons.




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