Budget for a Money Saving Landscape Now, Save Money Later!

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Budget for a Money Saving Landscape Now, Save Money Later!
Written By: Whirlwind Clean & Green Team ~ 12/13/2018

SaveMoneyLandscape12132018_s.jpgWork new landscaping into your budget now to save money later. There are many different landscaping options including dryscape, green roofs, dog areas, and other special design types. Even the best designed landscaping needs to be rejuvenated and replaced with new vibrant plants every few years.

VenetianPaver12132018_s.jpgDryscape includes all the parts of your landscape that are not living such as concrete, rocks, gravels, pavers, mulch, even artificial turf, or any combination of them. These all add variety to your landscape without a lot of upkeep and they save you on water costs.

StreetGarbageCans12132018_s.jpgDoggie stations can be a great addition to your property if pet walkers frequent your site or community. Artificial turf has a much lower upkeep than real grass and it won't get yellow or dead spots from the high nitrogen dog urine like real grass does. No matter the use all artificial turf is zero maintenance, zero watering, and looks amazing year round!

Barrels12132018_s.jpgGreen roofs can be a great option to brighten up your space, but they don’t have to cost a lot of money. If you use native plants they don't require a lot of upkeep or extra water which saves you time and money. You can also install rain barrels which collect rain water for future use in watering your landscape.

Whirlwind Clean & Green can help you create, modify, or maintain a beautiful landscape all while saving water and money. Call or email us today to set up an appointment for a free estimate so you can work your landscaping for the next year into your budget.

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