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We are dedicated to excellence.  

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Is your Construction Site Clean & Compliant?
By: Whirlwind Clean & Green Team ~ 11/15/2018

1WhirlwindBlog07262018_s.jpgWhen you dig, dirt needs to stay on your job site and must not be tracked into the streets, your neighbors, or into the stormwater sewer system. Contractors have a responsibility to provide best management practices that minimize dirt and debris from leaving the site. Sweeping, pressure washing, and hydro excavation are some of the most demanding and important jobs necessary to keep construction sites clean and under compliance.

2WhirlwindBlog07262018_s.jpgConstruction vehicles track sediment from the job site onto paved roadways and streets. Consistent construction sweeping reduces liability caused by damage from loose rocks, dirt, and debris. Maintaining the cleanliness of your building job site not only keeps your crew working at maximum efficiency, but regularly scheduled sweeping also promotes good standing with your community, neighbors, and local and regional inspectors.

3WhirlwindBlog07262018_s.jpgPressure washing your site, especially after construction is complete is pertinent in keeping your equipment running smoothly and to present a nice and clean completed project. Construction equipment gets filthy with all the grease and grime that pile up. The filth can compromise the equipment's operability and leaks and broken parts can be discovered easily after pressure washing. Dirt, oil, and paint drips are common on construction sites, professional pressure washing can blast away this filth quickly and efficiently.

4WhirlwindBlog07262018_s.jpgHydroexcavating with a vactor truck is a much safer way to work around pipes than normal digging. Having a pipe break causes more work for you and may harm those around that may have depended on that pipe for water or other services. Vactor trucks are also important in cleaning the site of oil, grease, and debris.

We want to keep your site clean, the dust down, and the inspectors happy. Contact Whirlwind Clean & Green today to get a free estimate on all things construction related.

Prepare for Winter!
By: Whirlwind Clean & Green Team ~ 11/1/2018

FallLeaves11012018_s.jpgAs Autumn comes to a close, it is important to prepare for the winter weather ahead. First, while it is still fall it is very important to get all leaves cleaned up to prevent flooding and to make the roads less slippery and hazardous for both cars driving and people walking on your facility or your site. Clean any drains which are known to get heavy organic debris or where issues arise during heavy rain events. Check you Stormwater treatment devices for signs of needed maintenance and winterize your irrigation system before we receive our first cold blast. Getting your vendors set up for storm and flooding clean-up is very important because your regular vendors may not have 24 hour support or they may decide to change pricing if these scenarios arise over night or weekends if you haven't prepared for this before it happens.

LeafBlower11012018_s.jpgHave your deicing and plowing vendor signed up and prepare your site, team and tenants for what is to come in the event of winter storms. This includes having someone lined up to plow your lot, having a place to pile snow delineated, and a plan on how to de-ice your parking lots and sidewalks when the temperature of storm requires. It is also important to check for low spots that could collect water and create potential icing hazards. To make shoveling/snow blowing easy make sure bricks/pavers are set flush. It is also important to have a plan in place for your facilities team along with a map and clear signage for traffic and pedestrians to avoid the hazards you identify with your team.

SnowyClenedLot11012018_s.jpgA few checklist items for your home are to clean out your gutters, check windows for cracks and correct seals, and have adequate lighting outside your home. Inside it is important to check your heating system filter, reverse your ceiling fan air flow, change the batteries in your fire alarms, service your chimney if you haven't used it recently and check your doors and windows for correct seals and cracks. Also most importantly make sure you have a plan in case you can't leave the house or the power goes out. Some examples would be to make sure you have enough food for a few days and service your generator.

Ekit11012018_s.jpgYour vehicles may need some winter preparation as well – check your tire pressure and tread depth. Use winter windshield wiper fluid and switch to a winter grade oil at your next oil change. Another idea is to put a "winter supply" box in your car. A few items to include in this box are: a flashlight, road flares, a first-aid kit, a few blankets, a change of warm clothes for the driver, a few extra pairs of gloves, a radio, a charged cellphone for 911 calls, add bags of sand for traction, an extra ice scraper, and some high energy snacks like nuts or jerky. This kit could make all the difference if something goes wrong while traveling on a cold winter day.

Whirlwind has been helping prepare our customers sites and protecting investments for over 30 years! Our team is excited for the opportunity to help with your fall and winter projects and winter storm support. Contact us today – we will customize solutions for your sites exterior maintenance!